Problematic Coping Strategies


Dr. Kay helps with problematic coping strategies.



We tolerate that which we believe we cannot change. Your distress doesn't have to be tolerated.



The following symptoms can be eliminated through effective psychotherapy: 


EXCESSIVE DRINKING: drinking alcohol to excess

DRUG ADDICTION: over-reliance on or abuse of prescription or recreational drugs

IMPULSE CONTROL PROBLEMS: relying on angry outbursts, addictive behaviors, and temporary releases to distract and discharge anxiety and aggression

COMPULSIVE OVER-EATING: eating more than is necessary to satisfy physiological hunger

COMPULSIVE SPENDING: spending money on clothes, cars, watches, wine, etc. as a way to boost the ego and bind anxiety

COMPULSIVE GAMBLING: having little to no control over gambling activities; wanting to stop gambling but not being able to

POOR COPING SKILLS: relying on distractions instead of facing and handling problems (see Defense Mechanism section)

FEELING AVOIDANCE: avoiding feelings altogether (your own and/or the feelings of others you should care about)

PSYCHOSOMATIC CONDITIONS: suffering from physical symptoms without an identifiable medical cause (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, nausea, etc.)

EXHIBITIONISM: wealth flaunting or other exhibitionistic behavior as a way to elevate your mood or distract from anxiety.