Parenting Difficulties 

Parenting difficulties and problem children can be improved with help from Dr. Kay.


Kids push our buttons...

Life seems to be going along just fine. Then you have children, and eventually your symptoms begin: a short fuse, irritability, excessive worry, low energy, blue mood….the list goes on. Of course there are real pressures we all face when we begin raising children. However, children have the potential to trigger in us the unresolved emotions from our own childhoods. And if we don’t have the knowledge or resources to process those rising emotions, we develop psychological symptoms. The good news is that with effective help from an expert, you can quickly get to the bottom of the problems that are causing your symptoms and get your life and your moods back on track. In other words, you can, with the help of an expert, put an end to your symptoms, your suffering and the suffering you may be causing others.

Only after this success in therapy will you be able to change your way of treating yourself and the important people in your life. After resolving your own psychological difficulties, you will be able to maximize the likelihood that you will not traumatize your children. Only by dealing with your past and present emotions properly can you avoid traumatizing your children. the outcome of effective psychotherapy will positively impact your life and the lives of future generations.