Dr. Robin L. Kay

Some excellent reference materials for the general public and professionals:


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Solomon and Tatkin apply the latest neuroscience research on emotional arousal to help couples regulate each other's emotions, maintain secure attachments, and foster positive relationships. 


Written for therapists, this book explains how to aid therapy resistant patients by providing clear, systematic steps for assessing patients' needs.  


Reaching Through Resistance explores the ways in which patients unknowingly use defense mechanisms, which hinder the therapy process, and how to overcome that resistance. 

This movie features the world's leaders in brain research discussing how our brains have the potential to literally change when we begin to pay active attention to our lives. 


This book discusses the concept of neuroplasticity in a series of anecdotes that exemplify the countless ways in which our brains can be rewired and changed. 


Supported by neuroscientific findings, this book illustrates how the brain is continually built and rebuilt by our experiences, which influences our emotional problems, passions, and aspirations. 


This book explores how the infant-parent bond influences who we are. Robert Karen gives readers a new understanding of how negative attachment patterns can be changed throughout life.

Leading researchers investigate the effectiveness of short-term therapy from multiple perspectives.



This book explores the extent to which our childhood experiences shape the way we parent. Parenting from the Inside Out guides parents through the process of creating necessary foundations for secure relationships with their children.


This book investigates and explains the therapeutic methods of Habib Davanloo. It carefully translates Davanloo's terms into precise language, which students can learn in a systematic way.