Feedback from Core Training Students



"My work week following the weekend was the most productive I’ve had in all my years of training in terms of my use of ISTDP with my patients."     




"A trainee who works hard to learn and practice ISTDP will find in Dr. Kay someone who will work equally hard for the benefit of the trainee."



"Since my training with you, my work has improved significantly. Your emphasis on how to see the patient and use the interventions precisely and compassionately made the difference."



"She gives specific and concrete feedback that is instantly useful and easy to integrate into my work." 



"What a wonderful gift to feel more effective with the people who come to me for help." 


"I was impressed by how much energy you had and how you were able to constantly attend to each of us. Your feedback was accurate and very specific." 



"I found the most helpful aspect of your approach to be your direct yet gentle feedback. You made it clear what was helpful and what was not and provided clear rationale. Small but significant things were useful such as when you briefly paused during the role play to give me a chance to consider my reply to the client. I felt both respected by the pause and supported by your helpful hints if I was stumped in that moment."



"Honestly, I cannot thank you enough. It was my most valuable weekend yet...

  • You had a focus for the weekend and you educated us with only that focus in mind. This prevented me from going into information overload and trying to grasp too many concepts

  • You educated us on information pertinent to ISTDP which again made things clearer

  • Your desire to help was evident and you worked to make me (and each of us) feel safe. 

  • The focus wasn’t on how great of work you do but rather how we can improve our own practice. Even with your videos it didn’t feel like you were showing them simply to show us your work and how great it can be if you become that skilled but rather to show us how to implement the concept that we were focusing on that weekend

  •  I noticed that your ego wasn’t present. You felt keenly interested in our work and incredibly approachable. I can’t tell you how much of a relief that is for me and how pertinent that is to my ability to learn"



"Dr. Kay's feedback is specific and of high quality. The pace is relaxed and responsive to the trainee’s ability to absorb feedback. It was a uniquely helpful experience."



"I really appreciated your teaching style and precision. I found the role plays helpful, and your skill building exercises helped us with the content and articulation." 



"Dr. Kay meets each student at their own level.
She is very attentive to the supervisee's state and creates a safe space for learning." 


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