Relationship Difficulties

Dr. Kay treats relationship problems and intimacy issues, whether it be in couples or individual therapy.



We tolerate that which we believe we cannot change. A DISSATISFYING RELATIONSHIP doesn't have to be tolerated.


I help people overcome intimacy difficulties.


The following symptoms can be eliminated through effective psychotherapy: 


INTIMACY AVOIDANCE: rejecting partners who really ARE good enough but always having a “reason” to justify the rejection

COMMITMENT PROBLEMS: inability to make a plan, take a relationship or project to the next step, or to “lean in” to a commitment

INFIDELITY: cheating or being unfaithful to a spouse or romantic partner by having flirtations or affair in person or electronically

SEXUAL DIFFICULTIES: sexaholism, sexual avoidance, reliance on roles (e.g. dominance and submission) to avoid face to face intimacy

CONFLICT AVOIDANCE: not telling your spouse, partner, friend, boss, or doctor what you really think or feel or want to keep the peace

PASSIVITY: going along with others when you really don’t want to, not taking action or speaking up when you should

PASSIVE AGGRESSION: saying “YES” when you want to say “NO” and then not following through and doing what you said you would do

SABOTEURISM: a pattern of defeating relationships or an inability to enjoy or sustain the love you have

SADISM: choosing partners whom you use, abuse, neglect, mistreat, or refuse to commit to

MASOCHISM: choosing partners who use, abuse, neglect, mistreat, or refuse to commit to you

WORKAHOLISM: maintaining physical or emotional distance in relationships by devoting excess time and mental energy to work

L.A. SYNDROME: attraction to “bad boys” or “bad girls” or enjoying being a “bad boy” or a “butterfly”; being seduced by the bosoms, bling or bank account and/or always looking for better