Mood & Emotional Difficulties

Depression and anxiety are some of the mood and emotional difficulties Dr. Kay treats.




We tolerate that which we believe we cannot change. Your distress doesn't have to be tolerated.



The following symptoms can be eliminated through effective psychotherapy: 



ANXIETY: a buzzing internal energy usually associated with worry and unease that decreases your enjoyment of your work, relationships, leisure time or life

PANIC SYMPTOMS: an overwhelming sense of fear and dread that can be regular or infrequent that decreases your enjoyment of your work, relationships, leisure time or life

DEPRESSED/LOW MOOD: a pervasive negative perspective often including hopelessness about the future

LOW SELF-ESTEEM: having a poor opinion of yourself: your attractiveness, intelligence, value, importance, stature, level of success, etc.

BODY IMAGE DISTORTION: perceiving yourself as not being thin or attractive enough or dwelling negatively on parts of your body you perceive to be unsightly

PERFECTIONISM: expecting yourself or others to be “perfect” often resulting in an over-investment of time spent trying to perfect an outcome

JUDGMENTAL BEHAVIOR & FAULT FINDING: excessively finding fault in yourself or in others frequently leading to relationship conflict or depression

OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS: being plagued by repetitive thoughts about events or people which interfere with your ability to focus effectively, fulfill your responsibilities, achieve greater success and enjoy your life to the fullest

COMPULSIVE BEHAVIORS: engaging in excesses in eating, drinking, spending and sexual liaisons that you feel unable to stop despite the negative consequences (including the anxiety and shame associated with the fear of getting caught)