What They're Saying

Evaluations of my teaching from psychiatry residents at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine


"You have single-handedly taught us the most important lessons of being a listener, a healer, a therapist. Learning from you has been transformative for me and my patients. I am not exaggerating by saying your course and supervision were the highlight of my entire residency."

Dr. Kay's course “was by far my favorite clinical experience during all of residency.  Dr. Kay presented videotaped therapy sessions at each meeting, and discussed technique, her thought process, and the longitudinal impact of her work on each patient. I will never forget the first class when she showed her work and began to outline technique.  It was as if a lightbulb went on in the room and we all realized this was entirely different from any training we ever had before.”

"Dr. Kay's AB-ISTDP clinic is the most clinically important thing that someone can do in residency, especially if that someone wants to really learn how to do therapy. Many other clinics/types of therapy discuss theory a lot, but this shows the actual work being done, which gives much better insight into technique and effect. Real patient learning.” 

“I think your course is one of the most valuable experiences I have had in my residency education." 

“There is no equal to seeing therapy in action, and having a skilled clinician narrate the moment-to-moment process for you.  
Dr. Kay is also among the kindest, warmest, and most genuine mentors I found during residency.
  I am so grateful to have been guided by her both professionally and personally over the last several years."

"If you want to practice psychotherapy, learning AB-ISTDP from Dr. Kay will forever impact your work by strengthening your observational skills, deepening your understanding of human emotions, and teaching you to block defenses that get in the way of the therapeutic process.”        

“Dr. Kay brings energy to the learning experience that is unusually motivating; my classmates and I leave the weekly seminar feeling rejuvenated and motivated to try to implement the therapy with our own patients.
I would count this experience as the most valuable psychotherapeutic learning of my four years of residency.”

"Dr. Kay's course was a valuable introduction to AB-ISTDP which has been the most challenging and rewarding learning experience for me as a psychiatrist. It has expanded my ability to care for both therapy and medication patients and provides a framework for understanding and approaching patients that is clear, practical and more informative than the DSM."

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