What to Expect 

1) Initial Contact

When you call my office for a phone consultation, I will ask you to give me a brief description of what your current difficulties or concerns are. I will talk with you and tell you how I plan to work with you. Our conversation will allow you to gain more insight into how I believe I can efficiently and best help you overcome your difficulties and change your life for the better. From our conversation, you should get a clearer sense of what's unique about my work, and whether and how I can be of value to you.

If we decide it would be beneficial to work together, we will schedule an initial appointment to meet for a psychotherapy session.

2) The First Session

We will schedule a 2-3 hour initial session. We will carefully and thoroughly examine the difficulties you have that are causing you concern and specifically identify what you would like to accomplish. While we are together, you should get a clear sense of how we can work together in the most efficient and successful way.

During this first session, people usually experience relief and develop important insights about the causes of their symptoms or self-defeating patterns.  Many patients immediately experience a reduction in their symptoms or achieve changes in their behavior.  The steps necessary for continued success will become clear as the session proceeds.

Together we will decide which course of action to take in future sessions and we’ll schedule additional appointments if we are in agreement that it would be useful to do so.  I will provide you with referrals or resources that may assist you further in maximizing gains from this work.

3) Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions may vary in duration from sixty minutes to two+ hours depending upon your unique needs and goals, your budget, and scheduling constraints.

I will work actively with you to help you reach your goals in a healthy and productive way. We will work actively to help you become more capable of creating better ways to manage your life and your relationships. Most importantly, my aim in therapy is to help you develop the insight and the skills to create the life you are seeking for yourself and the one that you really deserve.

Our work should enhance your ability to meet or exceed your goals.    

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