Dr. Robin Kay, one of the best psychologists in Los Angeles as well as one of the best clinical professors at UCLA's Department of Psychiatry. 


If you decide you'd like to make an appointment for psychotherapy, you should feel comfortable with both the doctor you choose to help you as well as her treatment methods.


For more information on my approach to treatment, please read How I Work What to ExpectIf you are interested in pursuing psychotherapy to help you resolve your difficulties, you should ask the doctor many questions so that...

1) You have a secure understanding of what you can expect.

2) You can asses whether her particular way of working appeals to you.

You are a consumer and psychotherapy is a business relationship. 

It is your right to ask questions, to have expectations, and to become informed about what you are getting involved in and agreeing to pay for. 

Remember, all psychotherapy is NOT created equal; psychotherapists and methods can differ greatly in their effectiveness.